Art is a personal experience, a thrill for different senses – a symbiosis of emotions, thoughts, sensations. Art is silence – the moment before judgement when a grape is still a delightful taste but not yet a word.




In Art Priori high-level art is elegantly combined with excellent food. The restaurant’s interior has been executed according to special creative projects in the spirit of Gothic architecture characteristic of Tallinn. Ideas of the old world are linked with the new in a modern way.

Art Priori has three separate dining halls – high value original art is exhibited in each of them. Paintings from the past up to contemporary times offer intellectual and aesthetic experiences that accompany the delicious food like refined gourmet.

Food concept

The restaurant’s open kitchen is highly modern, boasting also open fire – a grill on which most of Art Priori’s artistic dishes receive their final touch. The latest Nordic food trends are followed with the focus primarily on fresh seasonal produce; herbs are grown on the spot and half of the menu consists of vegetarian dishes. The most important aspect is the healthy and harmonious combination of all ingredients on the plate. The kitchen is inspired by pure flavours and the best qualities of each product.

Events concept

The restaurant’s open and creative mentality and the possibilities provided by the premises allow organizing events of most different nature either by the restaurant itself or based on ideas and cooperation suggestions presented from outside.

The restaurant’s everyday priority are events of food and art.

Variety is also provided on the kitchen side. In addition to our own chefs Art Priori invites over renowned guest chefs from outside whose menu is presented and offered in the restaurant as a special event.

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Restaurant Art Priori opens the autumn season!

On Monday, 26 September at 19.00, in the Old Town of Tallinn, at Olevimägi 7  

Autumn in Art Priori begins in a motley and colourful way. We will be serving appetisers from our new menu and opening the new art exhibition of Juss Piho’s paintings. 

Art acts as our most excellent companion. Juss Piho’s oil paintings in our restaurant’s halls once again create a new set of moods. Each exhibition tells its own unique story. The figures in Piho’s paintings have been like frozen in time. The viewer can contemplate the world of unknown characters, with the moments captured as if they were shot on film, provoking discussions about what has been or will be. Art speaks to us on a personal level. The pictures and their stories offer  a pleasant company alongside excellent food and good music.

This autumn, Art Priori will be serving an a la carte menu, from which everyone can combine their desired selections; however, there will also be degustation menus put together by our chefs, showcasing their own exciting vision for your dinner.

For those who are in the mood to simply enjoy the art-filled atmosphere of Art Priori with light snacks and a glass of wine, there is our wine hall served by a sommelier.

You are cordially invited!

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